Sarah Hall Antitrust Suit is a Go

North Carolina judge rules in favor of agent, ARTA, clearing way for class-action status

A judge in North Carolina decided in favor of travel agent Sarah Hall and the Association of Retail Travel Agents to certify their airline antitrust lawsuit for class-action status.

“It’s our understanding that the Honorable W. Earl Britt ruled in the U.S. District Court (Eastern District of North Carolina) in favor of travel agents by granting class action certification in the Sarah Hall lawsuit,” said ARTA President John Hawks in a statement at press time.

“We want to be the very first to congratulate Sarah on this initial victory,” Hawks said.

“She showed the airlines that small agents can fight back. She deserves the thanks of all U.S. travel agents for the enormous personal and professional investment she has made in this case, along with the dedication of Andy Anderson and the other attorneys who are fighting for all of us.”

Hawks also said he wanted to thank ARTA Chairman Chuck Covington, Jeanine Flaugher and Joe Vendi the three travel agency owners who joined Sarah and ARTA as the five named plaintiffs in this case.

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