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We all know there are situations in life where we end up benefitting, perhaps unfairly, from the hard work of others By: Kenneth Shapiro
Kenneth Shapiro
Kenneth Shapiro

We all know there are situations in life where we end up benefitting, perhaps unfairly, from the hard work of others. For example, my kids’ public school has become one of the best in the state in large part due to the work of parent volunteers. As a working parent, I do what I can, but there is no doubt that my kids benefit from the work done by others, perhaps more than what they deserve based on my personal efforts.

In addition to volunteering whenever possible, one thing I can do is write a check. The school needs volunteers, but it also needs my support in the form of donations. Being generous with my checkbook may not be the ideal way to help the school but, sometimes, it is the only way I can show support for a worthy cause.

Starting this week, ASTA is asking you to show your support for another worthy cause that will undoubtedly benefit you (see page 6). By joining ASTA, you will not only be supporting the organization financially, but you will give it more clout in its political battles everywhere — battles that will ultimately help your business.

Here, in California, members of the Southern California chapter of ASTA recently took time out of their busy schedules, traveled to the state capitol and met with legislators to discuss bills that would affect travel agents. These ASTA members are working to make things easier for all agents.

Now, I know there are agents who disagree with some of the policies and procedures at ASTA, but I doubt that any of us would prefer a world without ASTA watching out for travel agents. Ideally, the best thing would be for agents to get involved with the organization and work firsthand to make a difference but, if you are too busy, you can still become a member. That, too, is another way to show your support for the cause.

Whether you realize it or not, as a travel agent, you are benefitting from the hard work of others. Show your appreciation by joining ASTA and letting them know that you support the cause — even if it’s from afar.

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