Top Canadian Agencies Join Travelsavers

TravelSavers welcomes leading Canadian agencies By: Janeen Christoff
Top Canadian Agencies Join Travelsavers // © 2011 iStock
Top Canadian Agencies Join Travelsavers // © 2011 iStock

Travelsavers recently announced that five of the leading Canadian travel agencies have signed on with the group, adding $180 million in annual sales to the organization and additional offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. The new agencies are Custom Travel Solutions, YYZ Travel Group, Boulevard Travel, Canada One Travel and Forte Travel Solutions.

These five agencies also comprise the G7 Travel Network which, as of Aug. 1, became an integral part of the TWIN (Travelsavers Worldwide Independent Network) travel management company.

“We heartily welcome Vaughan and all five of these agencies to our group,” said Kathryn Mazza-Burney, executive vice president, sales and service for Travelsavers. “They are all leaders in their respective markets, and they will be in very fine company in the Travelsavers organization. By using our comprehensive portfolio of travel products and services, they’ll be able to deliver even greater service and superior travel value to their customers.”

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