Tourism Industry Favors U.S. Strategy

Industry leaders praise the National Travel and Tourism Strategy By: Janeen Christoff
The Administration’s new tourism strategy is met with approval. // © 2012 Thinkstock
The Administration’s new tourism strategy is met with approval. // © 2012 Thinkstock

Delivering on President Obama’s recent call for a national approach to promote travel and tourism throughout the U.S., Secretary of Commerce John Bryson and Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar announced the Administration’s National Travel and Tourism Strategy. The plan reflects input from local government and business leaders, including the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board.

The National Travel and Tourism Strategy’s overarching goal is to increase American jobs and spur economic growth by attracting and welcoming 100 million international visitors estimated to spend $250 billion annually by the end of 2021.

Industry leaders praised the strategy, including ASTA CEO, Tony Gonchar.

“We commend President Obama and Secretaries Bryson and Salazar for their understanding of the tremendous importance of travel and tourism to the country as a job creator and economic driver. Significantly, the strategy acknowledges the role that travel agents play in the industry, including that of driving international visitors to the U.S.,” said Gonchar.

Brand USA chairman, Stephen Cloobeck, also praised the task force saying that the steps, which include promoting the U.S., enhancing travel and tourism within the U.S., improving customer service, coordinating U.S. government agencies and more, will ensure that the U.S. keeps pace with “increasingly competitive global dynamics.”

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