Travel Institute Won’t Fill Preece Position

The organization deals with an identity crisis

The Travel Institute will not fill its president and CEO position once David Preece departs at the end of January. Preece linked his departure to slow industry acceptance of the organization’s new strategic direction a strategy he designed and promoted since joining the organization. Preece said “it’s no secret” that the organization was having an identity crisis it was still the Institute of Certified Travel Agents when he was hired and that even then there was concern about the money being drawn from its reserve fund.

“At that point, we had lost relevance and had two choices either hang it up or reinvent ourselves,” he said.

After he leaves the Travel Institute at the end of January, Preece said he hopes he will continue to be effective on its behalf. During a transition period through the end of 2004, he will continue to work with the board of trustees as they implement The Institute’s new strategic plan.

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