Vanishing Frontiers

As we were working on this issue’s cover story on Baja, we had a visit in our office from Ella Messerli of the Los Cabos Convention & Visitors Bureau.

By: Kenneth Shaprio

As we were working on this issue’s cover story (“Baja’s Bounty,” page 16), we had a visit in our office from Ella Messerli. The Los Cabos Convention & Visitors Bureau recently changed its name, and Messerli, as vice president of marketing for the group, came by to talk to us about the thinking behind the move.

Now, if you’ve ever met Messerli then you know what a dynamic and enthusiastic supporter of Los Cabos she is. In addition to working for the Los Cabos CVB, she is the general manager at the Marquis Los Cabos, one of the top hotels in the country.

To my surprise, however, when I told her about the Baja cover story, she wasn’t as excited as I thought she would be.

“Why do you need all of Baja?” she joked. “You can find everything you want just in Los Cabos.”

I’m sure Messerli’s sentiments are shared by many agents, but while Los Cabos is undoubtedly a shining jewel in the crown, as you will see in the cover story, there is plenty more to be had on the peninsula. Between the growing wine country of Ensenada, the wildlife and soft adventure of Loreto and La Paz and the luxury of Los Cabos just to name a couple options Baja is experiencing a boom like never before.

But Baja’s greatest asset as a destination is not related to its phenomenal growth spurt. In fact, it lies contrary to it. These days, the opportunity to visit a place that’s still pristine and largely undiscovered is becoming more rare all the time, yet just across our own border there are areas that feel completely exotic and untamed. Places where your clients can still discover primitive cave paintings. Where they can swim with untold marine species in some of the most unique waters in the world. Where they can lie on a beach on their own deserted island.

If consumers are more likely to travel closer to home this summer as some forecasts are predicting then Baja is in the perfect position to offer them once-in-a-lifetime adventure in their own backyard. And you should make sure that you’re ready to help guide them.

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