When Customer Comments are taken to Heart

A letter from the Vice President

I recently returned from a trip to Brazil. The three-week trip, with friends and family, took us to several cities and as many hotels. I know that customer comments can be very strong business tools, so I make sure to fill out comment forms after every hotel stay. After delivering my comments to the front desk, I generally assume that the transaction is finished.

I was quite surprised, then, to find a letter with a Sao Paolo postmark in my mailbox the other day. It was from the Tropical Hotels head office. My group stayed at two different Tropicals during our trip Manaus and Foz do Iguacu. Both were wonderful stays, and I praised the staff at both locations.

Apparently, however, the manager at the Foz location thought my comments important enough to send on to headquarters. I was there for a pleasure trip and in no way made known my association with the travel industry. My form eventually made it to the desk of the vice president, who sent the letter mentioned above. This was obviously not a form letter, as it specifically discussed several of my observations. (The English was less than perfect, but the sentiment was real.)

Of course, I expect a response from a hotelier if I have a complaint of any consequence. But to be thanked for expressing my appreciation of the Tropical’s property and staff was a rare treat. You can rest assured that the Tropical’s thoughtfulness has not gone unnoticed: I just recommended it to another group heading to Iguacu.

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