Win-Win Situation

Travel-ready games

By: By Anne Burke

Travel and games go together — especially after you and your traveling companion have been together 24/7, and the conversation is lagging. With delays expected at airports, the next few weeks will be a good time for clients to pack a game or two. While stuck in long security lines, hand-held distractions — like 20Q — can help ease the waiting game.


Frogs on a Plane
For kids 6-12, Hoppity Winks from Cranium Grab & Go Games is a spin on Tiddlywinks. Players hop frogs toward flies. When a player’s frog lands on a fly, they’ve caught it. Comes in an easy-to-grip container kids can carry in their backpacks. $9.95. 





Scrabble Anyone?
We know travelers who never leave home without their Scrabble. The cool thing about this compact-sized Travel Scrabble Folio from Hasbro is that the tiles snap onto the gameboard. You can close a half-played game in its nylon zipper case, and when you reopen it, everything will have stayed put. $14.99. 




Mind Reader
Remember 20 questions? You think of something and your friend tries to guess what it is by asking 20 yes-or-no questions? 20Q, from the toy company Radica, pits you against the artificial intelligence inside a palm-sized orb. The digital brain starts with big-category questions — animal, vegetable or mineral? — and works down to narrower categories. Watch out: 20Q is a frighteningly good mind reader. $9.99. 




Getting Puzzled
Clients who can finish all of these logic and brain teasers on a Los Angeles-Honolulu flight deserve a gold star. Sit and Solve Travel Logic Puzzles are the kind of conundrums that sound impossible to solve but aren’t so bad once you eliminate the false possibilities. The answers are in the back — but no cheating. $4.95. 




A New Classic
The U.K. company Fridgeplay created these on-the-go versions of classic games like four-in-a-row, hangman, sudoku and bingo. Games come in metallic boxes that slip easily into a purse or tote. Magnetic game pieces stay in place, even when jostled on a crowded plane. $10. 





Learning Made Fun
The Cranium Big Book of Outrageous Fun will keep kids busy on a long-haul flight and then some. The 40 write-on/wipe-off activities are educational, but so much fun, kids will hardly notice they’re learning. Kids will learn to draw comics, discover what they can do in one minute (tiny timer included), create a family tree and go on a scavenger hunt. The container opens like a book and closes with a magnetic strip. For ages 9-12, but younger kids can play too — with a little help. $19.99. 

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