You Can Do It, You Can Do It

Motivational suggestions can help you jump-start your business

By: Marc Mancini

Once you’re in this business, it’s so easy to cut corners, to get into a rut, to let things slide. So here are some motivational resolutions you can take to re-ignite your business creativity, jump-start your sales momentum and stay ahead of the curve.

Read a newspaper and/or national news magazine regularly. Such publications often shed light on developing trends, summarize important surveys and help trigger new, cutting-edge ideas that address what’s happening now the kinds of things that might have a direct relationship to your future business strategies.

Read one trade magazine, like TravelAge West, thoroughly and skim the others. And don’t let those magazines pile up on your desk, so that you find out about important information a month-and-a-half after it happens. Try to not let a magazine linger in that pile more than a week.

When you travel, keep an “insider’s secrets” notebook with you. When you visit something wonderful that not many people know about (e.g., Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation museum), write it down.

You’ll be surprised at how handy and impactful such information can be to future sales.

Go to at least one national travel conference per year. It’s at such conferences that you can be exposed to nationally prominent leaders, who sometimes reveal critical bits of information in their speeches.

It’s also a great place to get an “extension school” -like education from its training presenters.

Revisit your key resources. They have so much more than we remember. For example, as often as you use the Hotel & Travel Index, do you realize it contains info on fam rates and commission policies for certain lodging chains, a grid for city-to-city flying times and access to information in the Weissmann Travel Reports?

Enroll in a certification program. Preferable would be a comprehensive training package, like those offered by CLIA or ICTA, but you should also consider those from destination marketing organizations, like the Ke Kula O Hawaii program, or a supplier-sponsored one, like Marriott’s Hotel Excellence or Holland America’s Academy.

They’ll expand your knowledge and help you communicate extra credibility to your clients.

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