A Top Vegas Restaurant for Burgers

BLT Burger at The Mirage is one of my picks for a top Vegas restaurant for casual dining By: Kenneth Shapiro
BLT Burger is located at The Mirage in Las Vegas // © 2012 BLT Burger
BLT Burger is located at The Mirage in Las Vegas // © 2012 BLT Burger

The Details

BLT Burger, The Mirage

As a travel writer who has been to Las Vegas dozens of times, I’m often asked if I know of a good, casual restaurant on the Strip. It’s a more complicated question than it seems. Sure, there are tons of top fine-dining places — in fact, I’m convinced they invent celebrity chefs just so they can open a new restaurant in Vegas — but many of these places are very high end. It’s difficult to find an eatery that’s casual but isn’t fast food; a place that will appeal to foodies, but where you don’t have to dress up if you don’t feel like it or plunk down a ton of cash that could be used at the tables.

One of my favorite casual eateries in Vegas is BLT Burger at The Mirage. This restaurant by acclaimed Chef Laurent Tourondel features beef, American Kobe, lamb and turkey burgers served with all the usual, and some very unusual, trimmings. While I love a great burger —which Chef Tourondel provides — the true stars at this restaurant are the delicious selection of milkshakes. These very creative shakes include Twinkie Boy (vanilla ice cream, Twinkies, caramel syrup), Mother Fluffer (vanilla ice cream, toasted marshmallows), Lunch Box (vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, grape jelly) and Creamsicle (orange sorbet, vanilla ice cream).

If you prefer a grown-up drink instead, BLT Burger’s bar offers more than 20 beers on tap, cocktails and an extensive wine list.

But, seriously, you can get a cocktail anywhere on the Strip — how many times can you try one of the best milk shakes you’ll ever have?

Best of all, BLT Burger is not only casual, it’s surprisingly inexpensive. Many of the burgers are in the $12 range and the shakes run $7. You’ll spend a lot more on room service in most hotels and it certainly won’t come with Chef Tourondel’s gastronomic creativity.

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