Kohler Waters Spa Launches New Full-Body Experience

Kohler Waters Spa aims for guests to achieve complete harmony with new treatment By: Amy Sung
Kohler Waters Spa invites guest to achieve harmony. // © Kohler Waters Spa
Kohler Waters Spa invites guest to achieve harmony. // © Kohler Waters Spa

The Details

Kohler Waters Spa

As the first service to utilize two rooms, and the latest at Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler, Wisc., the Complete Harmony treatment strives to bring just that to spa enthusiasts — absolute, complete harmony. At 80 minutes long, guests can experience an array of services rolled into one with a light facial, a full-body exfoliation and Vichy shower, a unique bathing experience and a moisturizing rub down — and that’s exactly what I did on a recent visit.

Focusing on the whole body from head to toe, Complete Harmony was actually inspired by the new Harmony Suite, which includes two rooms; the Stillness (dry) room and Harmony (wet) room allow guests to transition facial to body scrub and bath experience conveniently. The Harmony room features a Kohler custom Vichy shower, a Tea-for-Two whirlpool and the latest in Kohler plumbing. In the Stillness room are the facial table, products and other facial equipment.

In addition to showcasing the suite, Kohler wanted to develop an over-the-top full face and body treatment that allows the guest to experience both a dry and wet treatment all within 80 minutes, according to Jean Kolb, director of wellness at Kohler Co.

“When you have the treatment, it feels like the service is infinite,” said Kolb. “It really does make you feel in complete harmony with your mind and body.”

As I began my journey, I first received a Kohler Signature Facial with a Moroccan-oil hair treatment in the dry Stillness room, which featured calming blue colors and an elegant air. My face was cleansed, examined and exfoliated with Kerstin Florian products, and a rehydrating algae gel mask was applied during the body exfoliation and bathing portions of the treatment. With the mask on my face and oil in my hair, my therapist led me to the adjacent Harmony room to receive the next two-thirds of the treatment. Being able to transition between rooms in privacy was more than appreciated.

In the Harmony room, I received an Olaive Chardonnay Body Scrub under the Vichy shower, followed by about 15 minutes in the Tea-for-Two whirlpool, which featured settings that I could control on my own (and an amazing pair of jets by my neck). The bath, infused with therapeutic mineral bath salts and Olaive Chardonnay Bubble Bath, is said to have restorative benefits to the entire body.

Back in the Stillness room, the treatment completes the process of rejuvenating harmony for the body and spirit with a full-body moisturizing application using Olaive Chardonnay Body Butter and a facial moisturizer application.

The new treatment, one of many bath experiences and just introduced this summer, has been extremely popular as guests have come to expect something new at Kohler each year, according to Kolb. 

“Our entire esthetics team is trained to perform the Complete Harmony,” she said. “So many of our clients want a facial and a massage; we try to steer them to our new Complete Harmony so that they can have an adventurous experience and the therapeutic benefits of water as well.”

Spa guests are also invited to enjoy Kohler Waters Spa for the rest of the day, taking advantage of the respite rooms, each with a whirlpool, plunge pool, steam room and sauna, as well as the spacious relaxation room. Guests can also lounge in the co-ed whirlpool on the enclosed rooftop patio with an adjacent 16-foot fireplace or relax at the co-ed indoor pool featuring a waterfall and the most comfortable lounge chairs.

Looking forward, there are more new treatments are on the horizon, according to Kolb.

“You’ll be seeing new therapies that incorporate stretching into the treatment,” she said. “Stretching is really a key focus of therapies today and we all know we don’t do enough. At the Kohler Waters Spa, you never know, [but] there will no doubt be water involved.”

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