Travel Alberta Brings Dino to California

Travel Alberta uses a dino dig at a So Cal beach to promote a summer campaign By: Kelly Rosenfeld
Travel Alberta brought a taste of Dinosaur Provincial Park to Southern California. // © 2012 Travel Alberta
Travel Alberta brought a taste of Dinosaur Provincial Park to Southern California. // © 2012 Travel Alberta

The Details

Travel Alberta

Travel Alberta is launching new summer vacation packages designed to give visitors the opportunity to experience the destination’s unique offerings for adventure, nature and more.

One sample travel program is Dinotour 2012, a four-day tour of the Canadian Badlands guided by leading paleontologists to dinosaur excavation sites and museums, for prices starting at $325 per night.

“Alberta is home to some of the world’s richest fossil beds and the province draws tourists from around the world to experience authentic dinosaur adventures,” said Dr. Francois Therrien, a paleontologist at Alberta’s Royal Tyrrell Museum. “The Canadian Badlands are one of the most intriguing regions in Alberta.”

Other summer vacation packages target Alberta’s natural and traditional offerings. A Mountain Adventure by Horseback allows visitors to ride through the Rocky Mountains of Canada for views of glaciers, lakes and forests, from $175 per night. With the Calgary Stampede Thrill Package, which starts at $150 per night, guests can sample the world-famous Calgary Stampede.

The campaign was launched in Santa Monica, Calif., last month with a dinosaur dig on the beach. SoCal residents joined Travel Alberta to uncover the ancient fossils of an Albertosaurus, one of the more well-known dinosaurs to roam Alberta in prehistoric times. The dig was meant to provide a glimpse of the unique opportunities Alberta offers.

“This was an opportunity for Californians to help us uncover a replica of an authentic Albertosaurus, just as visitors can uncover real dinosaur fossils in Dinosaur Provincial Park,” explained Shelley Grollmuss, executive director, North America at Travel Alberta. “Passersby had a taste of the exciting experiences available to travelers of all ages in Alberta.”

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