Vegas Vows With a Twist

Putting the 'special' in your clients' special day

By: Kathy Espin

Spring is a time for love and the Las Vegas wedding industry is geared up, ready and waiting for thousands of visitors to tie the knot.
The appeal, of course, is the low-cost, no-hassle, throw-caution-to-the-wind aspect of a Las Vegas wedding where couples can go from “will you?” to “I do” in a matter of hours. Increasingly, however, couples are planning elaborate events bringing the family and friends along for a fun-filled elopement and they are looking for something unusual as well as romantic.

The city where anything goes can fill that wish and with something a lot more unusual than a drive-through ceremony in a luxury car or a serenade by a faux Elvis.
In fact, clients can get married just about anywhere, in any situation or costume they desire as long as they are willing to pay the price. Following are a few suggestions.

Beam Me Up
Your clients can boldly go where few have gone before and get married on the bridge of the USS Enterprise at Star Trek the Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton. Wedding packages start at $500 for the Junior Officer Wedding officiated by Star Fleet Officer and attended by a Borg, a Klingon or a Ferengi. (And next to those guests, the bride is guaranteed to look good no matter what.)

The bridge will accommodate up to 45 guests. Several packages are available up to $3,000 for the Admiral’s Wedding that includes 70 photos on CD, a video, flowers, four Star Trek characters in attendance, champagne, gift shop certificates and 30 free tickets to the Experience. All packages include discount tickets for all guests.

The Experience also offers two-hour receptions in Quark’s Bar and Restaurant starting at $150 plus $35 per person with a minimum of 10 people. There are tons of options and add-ins. The event can be as simple or as elaborate as the Trekkie’s heart desires. The Experience offers agents and brokers a discounted rate for weddings and catering that can be marked up for the client.

Out of This World
Outside Las Vegas, weddings can be held in a spot so exotic it has been used as an outer-space location for movies. Sandy Scott of the Las Vegas Wedding Bureau said Valley of Fire State Park, about an hour north of Las Vegas, is the most popular of the many outdoor wedding locations the company offers.
“Weddings out there are very beautiful,” Scott said. “Every time you go out there you see something different.”

The area is famous for its colorful and unusual rock formations. A natural red sandstone arch serves as a wedding alter.

Clients can tailor the event to fit almost any budget. The Valley of Fire packages start at $1,750. The company can also cater a reception in the park. Other possible locations include Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam and Mt. Charleston. Or, clients can enjoy a sunrise ceremony in a hot-air balloon.

The Las Vegas Wedding Bureau offers a set menu of travel agent commissions that work out to around 15 percent. The commission on the basic Valley of Fire ceremony is $250.
702-933-3464, 800-823-4095

Ahoy Mate!
How about a wedding on a Pirate Ship? Treasure Island offers a wedding at the lagoon out front that serves as the location for the “Sirens of TI” show at night.
The guests assemble on the outdoor boardwalk, as the groom and best man board a pirate ship and cruise into the setting. Then, the bride arrives via rose-covered staircase.

It’s known as the Enchantment Package and costs from $1,999 to $2,999. The basic package includes the ceremony, officiate, flowers, music and photo package.

For an added fee, pirates from the Sirens show will serve as witnesses and, for a little more, a pirate will swoop down from the crows nest to deliver the rings.
702-894-7700, 800-866-4748

The beauty of a Las Vegas wedding is that clients can have the bachelor party, ceremony, reception and honeymoon in the same city and the guests can enjoy a world of entertainment options. No wonder more than 120,000 weddings are held in the city every year.


Getting married in Las Vegas is easy too easy some might say. There’s no waiting period, no blood tests, no nothing. Clients can jump right in save the regrets for later.
Many hotels offer special services, promotions and packages, and generally these are commissionable for agents.
Here’s the basics:
Qualifications: The couple must be a man and a woman over the age of 18. It is best if they aren’t close blood relatives. Proof of age may be required but, so far, no proof of gender or lack of relation are needed. (They will take your word for it.)
License: Both members of the bridal couple must appear downtown at the Clark County Marriage Bureau (200 S. 3rd St.). The office is open 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m. Friday until midnight Sunday and 24 hours on holidays. (Hint: Clients should expect long lines on Valentine’s Day and holidays.)
Fees: $55

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