The Truth About Touring

The Truth About Touring

19 million Americans are interested in taking a tour By: Sponsored Content

Escorted tours are selling better than ever. Modern touring offers travelers the chance to enjoy every moment of their vacation, to see as much as possible in a short time, and to avoid the hassles of transportation to and navigating around each destination. All that without having to wait in countless lines, allowing tour travelers more time to take pleasure in and benefit from their getaway.  For most Americans, time is money, and now touring is becoming the ultimate vacation-saver.

A tour offers travelers a multitude of benefits they wouldn’t enjoy when taking a vacation on their own, including:

An inclusive vacation
A tour offers an all-in-one, inclusive vacation. Tour operators review, choose and reserve hotels which have been carefully chosen in the heart of each destination.  And industry experts create the itinerary, including all of the must-see sites and “local favorites.”

No transportation worries
On a tour, transportation – via train, plane, boat or motorcoach – is taken care of from point A to B and every step in-between.

Tour Directors
On a touring vacation, trips come complete with a Tour Director who ensures your clients get the most out of every destination and attraction. Tour Directors act as a concierge, problem-solver and storyteller all rolled up into one.

No waiting in lines
On Globus tours, travelers are privy to VIP access into all the major sites.  And because your clients aren’t waiting in lines, they have more time to experience more of each destination.

Set itineraries
With a touring vacation, all the work has been done so travelers get the most enjoyment out of each destination. Must-see sites are arranged in advance, getting from one site to the next has been taken care of and meals are ready and waiting. There’s also plenty of time built in for travelers to explore each destination on their own.

Finally, on a touring vacation with Globus, travelers will pay up to 40 percent less for their vacation than if they tried to make the same arrangements on their own.

But tours do more than offer the foundation for a perfectly planned and executed, all-inclusive vacation.  They provide an unparalleled sense of place and history, thanks to the depth of sites, sounds and insight travelers experience on tour. And Globus goes beyond that by creating special experiences called Local Favorites. Globus Local Favorites take your clients behind the scenes to the people and places they could not find on their own – or with any other tour. Plus, they are always included (an average of three per tour).  Some 2014 Local Favorites include:

Hit a few balls at the St. Andrews Golf Practice Centre.

See the Basilica Cistern, or Sunken Cistern, a gigantic underground water storage chamber, located in the Sultanahmet (sul-tan-a-met) district of Istanbul.

Enjoy Mother Nature’s greatest show with a stargazing program in Sequoia & Kinds Canyon National Park. 

Visit historic RCA Studio B, once a recording home of Elvis Presley, and record your own song.

Take part in a Mother Earth Ceremony in Peru. Performed by local shaman, these ceremonies have been performed for centuries in Peru.

Meet with a local fisherman in Hoi An for a fishing lesson, where you will learn how to throw a round fishing net, or Ro.

With more than 400 vacations in 80+ countries around the world, the Globus family of brands offers travelers the widest range of tour experiences available. This includes brand new itineraries for 2014, such as:

Beautiful France – 16 days, from $4,149 per person
Ukraine & Crimea – 9 days, from $3,539 per person
British Columbia Wildlife Safari – 10 days, from $2,739 per person
Discover Glacier National Park, Hells Canyon & Washington Wine Country – 10 days, from $2,759 per person
Cruising Costa Rica, Panama, & Columbia – 13 days, from $3,999 per person
Treasures of China – 11 days, from $2,309 per person

Interested in learning more about the Globus family of brands – and helping your sales soar in 2014? Become a Globus Tour Expert. Training content that helps you sell more of a product that delivers happy clients is the ultimate perk of becoming a Globus Tour Expert, but Globus doesn’t stop there. The Globus Tour Expert Program offers tangible and profitable perks as well. Visit  for more information.

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