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Globus and Trafalgar executives weigh in on how to upsell to clients By: Deanna Ting

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Upselling your clients on additional tours or packages is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to working with clients who are not used to booking travel, especially tour packages, through a travel agent. TravelAge West recently consulted with Steve Born, Globus Family of Brands vice president of marketing, and Paul Wiseman, president of Trafalgar Tours, for their advice.

According to Born, one of the best ways to upsell to new and/or existing clients is to emphasize your reputation and expertise in a specific specialization.

“There is so much success in specialization,” Born said. “If your specialty is big enough to justify being part of a portfolio, it makes it that much easier for you to be able to upsell and attract new clientele.”

However, agents should be careful not to limit themselves to selling a particular type of travel, either.

“Agents shouldn’t limit themselves,” said Wiseman. “For example, if they are selling only cruises, why not branch out into selling tours, too? There are so many opportunities to book clients on pre- and post-cruise tour packages. They should really focus on the similarities between travel products, and they should look into combining touring and cruising experiences together.”

For first-timers or for clients who are not used to booking packaged travel, Born suggested agents try to encourage them to look into FIT travel.

“The perfect travel kit to recommend [for first-timers] is an FIT travel package because the clients have the assurance that everything is taken care of and they have the attention and care and service that they need, without any hassle.”

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