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Sponsored Content: Apple Vacations partners with a variety of resorts that have made an extra effort to preserve the planet

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More than one million Apple Vacationers will hit the beach in 2011, but with the help of the growing eco-friendly vacation trend, their impact on the environment can be minimized, protecting the fragile ecosystems of our beloved jungles, beaches and oceans and enhancing relationships with the local culture.

Eco-friendly travel is more just than a buzzword; it is a way to preserve beautiful destinations for future generations and for the locals lucky enough to live there.

Apple Vacations is proud to partner with a variety of resorts that have made an extra-effort to preserve our planet.  Eco-friendly resorts can fit any budget and will leave travelers with a more authentic vacation experience, due to a deeper understanding and respect for the places they visit.

While vacation destinations are beginning to do their part to protect our planet, travelers should do theirs as well.

1. Before you leave, unplug cell phone chargers, computers, your toaster and anything else that does not need to be plugged in while you’re gone.
2. Turn down your thermostat – no need to heat your house when you’re not in it!
3. Fly nonstop to your vacation destination, and you’ll reduce the amount of fuel used throughout your trip. With a layover, precious energy is used to take off and land again.
4. At the hotel, reuse your towels and sheets. Turn off the lights and air conditioner when you leave the room.
5. When hiking, stick to the trail to preserve the local flora.
6. Keep your hands to yourself while snorkeling. If you touch coral formations, you might irreparably damage it.
7. Buy local when shopping for souvenirs.
8. Interact with the locals – you’ll gain new appreciation for their environment.

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