Increase your Group Business, Decrease Your Stress

Sponsored content: GOGO Groups is a specialized team whose primary focus is helping travel agents close the sale.

Securing group bookings can be a very intimidating process.  As Travel Agents, it means the stress of a dealing with a large group, copious amounts of paperwork, ensuring all travelers needs are met, and so much more.  But when working with a Wholesaler whose Consultants specialize in groups, that process begins to look a lot less intimidating, and more like an easier way to make money, with less work.

The GOGO Groups team is a specialized team whose primary focus is helping you close the sale.  Through every step of the process, your GOGO Specialist is there helping you.  From the very beginning, we will help you qualify your group which will enable GOGO to work more efficient and quicker in securing group rates.  The GOGO Group Specialists know where all the specials are for group and by qualifying your group, we can ensure the best hotel, and the best deal.  Unlike other FIT Group Tour Operators, GOGO works directly with the hotel to develop your group contract.  By doing this, GOGO is able to secure the reservation as a group, and not as individual reservations, allowing us to add in concessions that will add value to your clients group vacation.  Also, In the event that there is a hurricane or a need to move the group by the hotel, the group would then be protected as a group and be moved together.

Since the GOGO Specialists are handling all the paperwork for you, why not upsell your clients and add on sightseeing or trip protection? 86% of all travelers  purchase sightseeing but many purchase it on site.  THE GOGO Groups team can secure group sightseeing, all of which is commissionable, as an upsell for your group.  This is perfect for team building, family reunions, and fun get-togethers in destination.  Trip protection is also available for all groups and if the group is cancelled for a covered medical condition, the travel agent commission is protected.

The GOGO Groups team can be contacted at 866-484-1272 or by email at Contact us for group quotes or to simply inquire about all the other benefits of booking a group through GOGO. Your desire to close the sale is our desire as well.  Allow our GOGO Group Specialists to be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and easy process. We look forward to working with you.

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