Making Group Planning Easy

Sponsored content: GOGO Vacations offers travel agents tips to help maximize group planning

The Details

GOGO Vacations

Work with a wholesaler that specializes in Group Travel
As the desire for group travel increases, the need for a wholesaler that specializes in group travel grows even faster. Companies like GOGO Vacations, recently expanded their concept of having dedicated local branches to include 6 additional branches that specialize in groups.  With 6 branches across the United States, staffed with Consultants that specialize in groups, group planning has become simple and easy thanks to dedicated one on one attention. By working with GOGO, they also pay full commission at time of final payment, NOT departure.

Add sightseeing and insurance
Many groups add in sightseeing as group building activities, or planned afternoons to have fun together.  While adding sightseeing to FIT bookings can sometimes be tough to get a solid commitment from the traveler, adding it to group bookings is very simple as much of the trip is planned far in advance so there are minimal extra charges once on site.  For insurance, don’t be afraid to offer it.  Through wholesalers like GOGO, not everyone in the group needs to take it.  Even if half choose to take it, is still commissionable.

Offer Additional room nights
GOGO’s group planning Consultant can take care of it all.

Offer pre and post stays to increase commission
GOGO’s group planning Consultant can take care of it all.

Plan the meeting space
For corporate travel, many require meeting space.  Depending on the size of the group, Agencies can charge anywhere from $500 to upwards of $1000 to assist in planning the meeting space.   This added service is minimal work when working with a wholesaler and can help increase commission very quickly.

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