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Making Marzipan Mice in Lubeck, Germany

I was on a small-group tour of Northern Germany, and Lubeck was our second stop. When I looked at the itinerary and saw that we would be visiting the headquarters of the world’s preeminent marzipan production company, I knew that we were in for a treat.

Carnival's Warm Chocolate Melting Cake Recipe

In the span of two days, I managed to eat three servings of Carnival’s famous warm chocolate melting cake — that means I ate one serving before lunch time. In my defense, I had just learned how to make the chocolate cake in a private tutorial with the kitchen staff.

My Week in Mai Tais

Just about every bar in Waikiki offers a version of mai tai, each promising to be the best. Who kept their promises and who fell short? This investigative reporter was on the case.

Dos and Don'ts at Taiwan’s Night Markets

A veteran of Taipei’s famous Shilin Night Market, my Taiwanese friend and night market guide, Evan, always goes caffeinated and prepared, clearly imagining his culinary targets and manifesting them like some sort of street-food-spirit-guru.