The Top Travel Agents of 2015

The Top Travel Agents of 2015

Congratulations to West Coast agents featured in Travel + Leisure’s annual travel agent A-List By: Ashley Burnett
Arizona-based travel agent Betsy Donley made the 2015 Travel + Leisure A-List. // © 2015 Betsy Donley
Arizona-based travel agent Betsy Donley made the 2015 Travel + Leisure A-List. // © 2015 Betsy Donley

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Travel + Leisure’s A-List

The Western U.S. and Canada were well-represented in Travel + Leisure’s 14th annual A-List, which features the best travel agent specialists in the industry. Travel + Leisure chose candidates via a nomination system and a thorough vetting of the each agent’s qualifications and expertise.

Following are the 40 Western agents honored as being at the top of their respective fields. 

Super Agents
Western Europe – Jim Strong and Nancy Strong (Strong Travel Services, Dallas)

United States and Canada
Hawaii – Carolyne Brandon (Altour American Express Travel, Cupertino, Calif.)

Hawaii – Marilyn Clark (Lighthouse Travel, Huntington Beach, Calif.)

Napa Valley – Michelle Murre (Azurine Travel, San Francisco)

Pacific Northwest – Sheri Doyle (Pacific Northwest Journeys, Seattle)

Africa and the Middle East
Africa – Sandy Cunningham (Outside Go, Santa Fe, N.M.)

Africa – Dana Welch (The Travel Society, Denver)

East & Southern Africa – Kent Redding (Africa Adventure Consultants, Denver)

Family Safaris – Leora Rothschild (Rothschild Safaris, Denver)

Namibia – Chris Liebenberg (Piper & Heath Travel, San Diego)

South Africa – Tamsyn Fricker (Travel Artistry Africa, Houston)

Southern Africa – Cherri Briggs (Explore, Inc., Steamboat Springs, Colo.)

Southern Africa – Teresa Sullivan (Mango African Safaris, Portland, Ore.)

China – Stan Godwyn (TravelStore, Sacramento, Calif.)

Hong Kong – Laura Woo (West University Travel, Houston)

Indonesia – Jarrod Hobson (Asia Transpacific Journeys, Boulder, Colo.)

Japan – Noriko Townsend (Altour American Express Travel/Japan In Style, Fort Collins, Colo.)

Myanmar – Rebecca Mazzaro (Asia Transpacific Journeys, Boulder, Colo.)

Southeast Asia – Andrea Ross (Journeys Within, Truckee, Calif.)

Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific
Australia – Cassandra Bookholder (Camelback Odyssey Travel, Phoenix)

French Polynesia – Susanne Hamer (TravelStore, Los Angeles)

Cruising – Paul Niskanen (Cruise Masters/Concierge Travel Advisors, Portland, Ore.)

Cruising – Ruth Turpin (Cruises Etc. Travel, Fort Worth, Tex.)

France – Murielle Blanchard (Black Pearl Luxury Services, Salt Lake City)

Switzerland – Ilene Koenig (Let’s Travel, Santa Monica, Calif.)

Family Travel
Sam McClure (Small World Travell - Austin, Tex.)

Special Interest
Adventure – Susan Sparks (Points of Interest Travel, Aspen, Colo.)

Business Travel – Steve Orens (Plaza Travel, Encino, Calif.)

Culture/Education – Margery Hunter (Rudi Steele Travel, Dallas)

Destination Celebrations – John Clifford (International Travel Management, San Diego)

Fly-Fishing – Betsy Donley (Camelback Odyssey Travel, Phoenix)

Food & Wine – Keith Waldon (Departure Lounge, Austin, Tex.)

Food & Wine – Lynda Turley Garrett (Alpine Travel of Saratoga, Saratoga, Calif.)

Golf – Chad Clark (Chad Clark Travel Ventures, Phoenix)

LGBT Travel – David Rubin (DavidTravel, Corona del Mar, Calif.) 

Luxury Travel - David Lowy (Renshaw Travel, Vancouver)

Luxury Travel – Andrea Malis (Camelback Odyssey Travel, Tucson, Ariz.) 

Luxury Travel – Stacy Small (Elite Travel International, Los Angeles)

Spas and Wellness – Karen Benson (Camelback Odyssey Travel, Phoenix)

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