How JetSuiteX Provides Affordable Alternative Air Travel

How JetSuiteX Provides Affordable Alternative Air Travel

Air travel has never been easier with public jet charter service JetSuiteX, which offers business-class amenities for economy prices By: Michelle Juergen
<p>The 30-passenger Embraer E135 jets feature at least 36 inches of seat pitch per guest. // © 2017 JetSuiteX</p><p>Feature image (above): JetSuiteX...

The 30-passenger Embraer E135 jets feature at least 36 inches of seat pitch per guest. // © 2017 JetSuiteX

Feature image (above): JetSuiteX currently flies from hubs in California, Las Vegas and Montana. // © 2017 JetSuiteX

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The Details

After a recent 10-hour international flight, crammed into an economy seat behind a man who reclined his chair all the way back while we were still taking off, I landed in the U.S. to find that my connection home to Los Angeles had been delayed by three hours. This was, of course, after I had waited in a long, slow security line because my TSA Pre-Check didn't go through.

At the gate, there was a dearth of outlets, as there had been on the aircraft, and no one behind the desk to ask whether the constantly changing departure time would, indeed, be 9, 9:35 or 10 p.m. Jet-lagged and near tears, I resigned myself to my fate: 24 wretched hours of sleepless travel.

It's a story we're all familiar with: Long lines, delayed flights, unhelpful airport staff, uncomfortable seats and general misery.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

JetSuiteX, a short-haul public jet charter service, allows West Coast clients to experience the luxuries of a private jet charter for about the price of a traditional airline seat — and with significantly less hassle. The service was introduced in April 2016 from JetSuite, one of the largest private jet companies in the U.S., which launched operations in 2009.

On a recent JetSuiteX flight, I had the most carefree air travel experience of my life, from start to finish. To begin, I arrived at a private jet terminal about 20 minutes before departure time. I then showed my ID to a smiling staff member, who collected my bag and directed me to comfortable seating nearby a selection of gourmet drinks and snacks (think: Tazo tea, bottled water, Kind granola bars and dried apple and mango slices). Some waiting areas even have magazines and games, though with a delightfully short wait time before boarding, you probably won't want to start that game of Scrabble.

The flight itself is also sublime. With just 30 seats and three seats per row (a single and a double), the company's 10 Embraer E135 jets offer an intimate experience. Free Wi-Fi access — which actually works — is available in the leather-wrapped cabin, and each seat is equipped with an individual power outlet.

During my flight, I nursed a bourbon on the rocks while snacking on coconut chips and enjoying ample leg room; clients will find 36- to 40-inch seat pitch, with no chance of being squashed when their fellow passengers recline. And all drinks are complimentary — including alcoholic selections such as Tito's Handmade Vodka, Sailor Jerry rum, beer and wine — as are snacks, which range from veggie chips to fruit bars.

While services and amenities are on par with many business-class offerings, JetSuiteX rates are quite affordable, starting from $79 one-way. Best of all, agents earn a 10 percent commission on all bookings, and clients do not need to sign up or pay for a monthly subscription program, as they would with similar carriers. Additionally, in late October, JetBlue Airways made a minority equity investment in the company, affording customers the opportunity to earn TrueBlue loyalty points when they fly. Flights are currently offered to and from private terminals in Burbank, Concord, San Jose, Carlsbad and Mammoth Lakes in California; Las Vegas; and Bozeman, Mt.

Certainly, traditional air travel and its many inconveniences sometimes cannot be avoided. But when it comes to short-haul flights on the West Coast, agents have no excuse not to offer clients a five-star, tear-free alternative.

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