New Haven, Connecticut Like a Local

New Haven, Connecticut Like a Local

New Haven has long been known for its Ivy League roots, but one sushi chef knows there’s much more to discover when visiting this New England hot spot By: Ashley Burnett & Emma Weissmann
<p>The Study at Yale // © 2016 The Study at Yale</p><p>Feature image (above): Yale University Art Gallery // © 2016 Elizabeth Felicella</p>

The Study at Yale // © 2016 The Study at Yale

Feature image (above): Yale University Art Gallery // © 2016 Elizabeth Felicella

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The Details

New Haven, Conn.-based Miya’s, known as the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the world, touts the motto that “man cannot live on rice alone.” Bun Lai, the eatery’s James Beard-nominated chef and longtime New Haven resident, recommends other kinds of sustenance that visitors can find in this bustling city.

A grumbling stomach will lead you to:
Claire’s Corner Copia, an iconic vegetarian restaurant that has been around since the 1970s. After all these years, chef Claire still cooks tasty and nourishing meals, and her shop remains a New Haven favorite.

A tourist activity worth the hype is:
A trip to the Tony Award-winning Long Wharf Theater, located in a food terminal in a vacant warehouse space. Long Wharf is where shows run before they hit Broadway. I’ve been going since I was a child and have experienced the works of William Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Miller, Elie Wiesel and more.

It’s Friday night. Visitors should head to:
Miya’s! It’s where I’ll be, and it’s where I recommend people come and visit me.

When it’s time to fill up the shopping bag, head to:
Edge of the Woods Market or Romeo & Cesares Gourmet for groceries. Fashion designer Neville Wisdom has a studio in New Haven and makes his own gorgeous clothing, mostly for women. I’ve also hung out for hours at Group W Bench, a truly magical toy store and head shop that will transform any adult into a child again. There are so many unique stores on Broadway and Chapel Street. My wallet loves them all.

The best place to stay is:
The Study at Yale — it’s one of the most beautifully designed hotels and home to Heirloom, one of the finest restaurants in our city. For the open-minded, adventurous, budget-conscious traveler, Duncan Hotel is worth checking out. It’s New Haven’s oldest hotel, and it’s got a huge personality. Some believe it might even be haunted.

Something that most people don’t realize about New Haven is:
That it is a city of “firsts.” Walter Camp, a Yale graduate, is known as the father of American football, for example. New Haven residents also created the first municipal public library; the first public tree-planting program; the first Frisbee; the first burger, at Louis’ Lunch; and, of course, the first sustainable sushi restaurant.

For an afternoon pick-me-up, visitors should:
Stop by one of the bevy of amazing cafes, such as Koffee? and Atticus Cafe, that dot our town. I like to sip some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted while people watching. New York City has nothing on New Haven when it comes to that.

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