A Royal Occasion

Disney’s princesses now have a place to call home By: Janeen Christoff

Disney’s princesses now have a place to call home. Fantasy Faire, a new storybook world that is an extension to Fantasyland, has opened at the park, bringing to life the timeless tales of Belle and Rapunzel as well as offering up a Royal Hall for visiting princesses such as Ariel, Cinderella and Aurora.

The immersive new environment creates a hub where fairytale lovers can enjoy the Old World style of Fantasyland in a familiar setting. Located in the former Carnation Gardens, the new village features a central plaza with a centerpiece replica of Rapunzel’s tower. The Royal Hall offers space where guests and princesses can interact one-on-one. Photographers stand at the ready to catch the magical moments and visitors can purchase photos with their Disney Photo Pass or snap their own.

The highlight of the experience is the Royal Theatre with alternating stage shows featuring Rapunzel (“Tangled”) and Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”). The stories of these two princesses are reenacted by vaudeville-style Renaissance characters Mr. Jones and Mr. Smythe. Their witty dialogue is peppered with silly gags and fairytale lore, much to the amusement of both adults and children. There’s also a shopping element where young princes and princesses can purchase all their necessary wares as well as Maurice’s Treats — don’t miss the boysenapple freeze. www.disneyland.com

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