Geo Quiz: August 2, 2010

Can you map your way in Northern Ireland?
Where are you? // © 2010 Nozomiiqel
Where are you? // © 2010 Nozomiiqel


1. Ellora Caves
2. Pike Place Market
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Suez Canal
5. Lake Geneva
6. Bellagio
7. Trevi
8. Mediterranean Sea
9. Derry
10. Armagh
11. Belfast
12. Downpatrick

Where are you? (20 points) 
1. These “caves” are actually a collection of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain temples. What are they called?

Do you know the way to the gateway? (20 points)
2. Workers throw fish at which Seattle landmark?
3. Leblon Beach is located in an upscale neighborhood of which city?
4. Port Said is at the northern end of the ______.

Can you answer the add-on questions? (10 points)
Fountains can be major tourist attractions:
5. In which body of water is the Jet d’Eau?
6. A huge water fountain show takes place in front of which Las Vegas hotel?
7. What is Rome’s most famous fountain?

Can you get an instant upgrade? (50 points)
8. Mersa Matruh is a tourist resort located along which body of water?

Can you map your way in Northern Ireland? (20 points)


9. Londonderry, the only completely walled city on the island of Ireland, is also known by this name.
10. Navan Fort, the royal seat of the Kings of Ulster, is in this city.
11. Queen’s University and Waterfront Hall are located here.
12. St. Patrick’s tomb is said to be here.

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