Geo Quiz: December 20, 2010

Can you map your way in Kentucky?
// © 2010 Allie Caulfield
// © 2010 Allie Caulfield

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Geo Map Dec 20 2010
Where are you?
[ 20 points ]
1. This Statue of Roland is located in the market square of which German city?

Do you know the way to the gateway?
[ 20 points ]
2. Which Los Angeles museum was built to resemble an ancient Roman villa?
3. An outdoor clothing brand is named after this part of Argentina and Chile.
4. Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination in which country?

Can you answer the add-on questions?

[ 10 points ]
These places are "New":
5. Australia's neighbor nation
6. It used to be a new version of Amsterdam
7. It is Canada's only constitutionally bilingual province

Can you get an instant upgrade?

[ 50 points ]
8. Which famous sculpture was carved mostly with dynamite?

Can you map your way in Kentucky?
[ 20 points ]
9. Visitors to this city could visit the National Corvette Museum.
10. The Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor is located in which famous "fort" town?
11. Daniel Boone is buried in the cemetery in this capital city.
12. The Thoroughbred Center is an attraction in the "Horse Capital of the World." Where is it?

160-200 points: You're a Geo genius!
100-150 points: You know your stuff.
90 or below: This page will help expand your Geo IQ.

Answer Key
1. Bremen
2. Getty Villa
3. Patagonia
4. South Korea
5. New Zealand
6. New York City
7. New Brunswick
8. Mount Rushmore
9. Bowling Green
10. Fort Knox
11. Frankfort
12. Lexington
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