Geo Quiz: January 10, 2011

Can you map your way in Victoria, Australia?
// © 2011 Paul Williams
// © 2011 Paul Williams

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January 10, 2011 map

Where are you?
[ 20 points ]
1. This structure is the world's largest single-story building. At which major attraction is it located?

Do you know the way to the gateway?

[ 20 points ]
2. It was the former home of the Grand Ole Opry.
3. This is the only place on U.S. soil where motorists are supposed to drive on the left.
4. The world's highest sea cliffs are located on which Hawaiian island?

Can you answer the add-on questions?
[ 10 points ]
Which place used to be called:
5. Northern Rhodesia
6. Abyssinia
7. Persia

Can you get an instant upgrade?
[ 50 points ]
8. Banpo Village is an archaeological site in which country?

Can you map your way in Victoria, Australia?
[ 20 points ]
9. The Port of Echuca is located on the banks of Australia's longest river. Which river is it?
10. The Central Deborah Mine is a tourist attraction in Bendigo. What was mined there?
11. Queen Victoria Market and Australia's oldest zoo are found here.
12. This peninsula is famous for its wineries.

1. Kennedy Space Ctr. (Vehicle Assembly Bldg.)
2. Ryman Auditorium
3. U.S. Virgin Islands
4. Molokai
5. Zambia
6. Ethiopia
7. Iran
8. China
9. Murray River
10. Gold
11. Melbourne
12. Mornington

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