Geo Quiz: January 24, 2011

Can you map your way in Kansas?
// © 2011 George Groutas
// © 2011 George Groutas

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Where are you?
[ 20 points ]
1. This is the biggest parliament building in the world. In which
Eastern European country is it?

Do you know the way to the gateway?
[ 20 points ]
2. It is made of wood; it can fly; it used to be in Long Beach, Calif.; and it is now in Oregon. What is this attraction?
3. On a hot day, this Paris landmark is six inches taller than on a cold day. What is it?
4. Narnia, Rohan, Hoth and Timbuktu: Which is the only place that is real?

Can you answer the add-on questions?
[ 10 points ]
Which Pacific island group is famous for:
5. Bungee jumping
6. Tattoos
7. Menehune

Can you get an instant upgrade?
[ 50 points ]
8. This river, the Meander, meanders through which country?

Can you map your way in Kansas?
[ 20 points ]
9. A museum here is dedicated to barbed wire.
10. This city is home to the Kansas State Fair and the Kansas
Cosmosphere & Space Center.
11. Where is the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum located?
12. This is the real home of the University of Kansas, as well as the
fictional home of the Winchester brothers in television's "Supernatural."

1. Romania
2. Spruce Goose
3. The Eiffel Tower
4. Timbuktu (in Mali)
5. Vanuatu
6. Fiji
7. Hawaii
8. Turkey
9. La Crosse
10. Hutchinson
11. Abilene
12. Lawrence
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