Geo Quiz: September 1, 2010

Can you map your way in Grenada?
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// © 2010 Randwill


geo quiz 0901

Where are you?
[ 20 points ]
1. This structure was used as a tollbooth on the Rhine River. What is its name?
Do you know the way to the gateway?
[ 20 points ]
2. The former British Honduras is now known by what name?
3. In which U.S. state is Cape Hatteras National Seashore?
4. Molokini is closest to which major Hawaiian island?

Can you answer the add-on questions?
[ 10 points ]
These routes are part of which famous transportation systems:
5. Powell-Hyde Line and California Line
6. Jubilee Line and Circle Line
7. Paris-Gare de Lyon to Lyon-Perrache and Valence to Marseille Saint Charles

Can you get an instant upgrade?
[ 50 points ]
8. You are in Peru and you have come down with a case of soroche. What do you have?

Can you map your way in Grenada?
[ 20 points ]
9. Fort George is a landmark of this city.
10. Grenada’s second-largest city can be used as a base for visits to the east side of the island.
11. What is Carriacou’s main town?
12. Visitors on Carriacou can reach this sister island via ferry.

1. The Pfalz Castle
2. Belize
3. North Carolina
4. Maui
5. San Francisco Cable Car
6. The London Underground
7. TGV or LGV
8. Altitude sickness
9. St. Georges
10. Grenville
11. Hillsborough
12. Petite Martinique

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