Geo Quiz: September 27, 2010

Can you map your way in Tasmania?
Where are you? // © 2010 A. strakey
Where are you? // © 2010 A. strakey

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Geo Map: September 27, 2010
Geo Map: September 27, 2010
Where are you?
[ 20 points ]
1. Salt water taffy originated on the boardwalk of which U.S. city?
Do you know the way to the gateway?
[ 20 points ]
2. If you wanted to eat at the first Hard Rock Cafe and see Pete
Townshend’s Gibson Les Paul guitar, which city would you visit?
3. Attu Island is part of which major archipelago?
4. The house of an American silk merchant who mysteriously disappeared is now a tourist attraction in Bangkok. What is it called?

Can you answer the add-on questions?
[ 10 points ]
“Hercules” is part of the names of these attractions:
5. Where are the Pillars of Hercules?
6. The Temple of Hercules is a day-trip from which capital city?
7. The Tower of Hercules is a preserved Roman lighthouse in Spain.
In which specific region is it?

Can you get an instant upgrade?
[ 50 points ]
8. The Rio Grande, Colorado and Arkansas rivers begin in this U.S. state.

Can you map your way in Tasmania?
[ 20 points ]
9. What is the name of the harbor town that is the tourist center of western Tasmania?
10. What famous 40-mile hiking trail goes through Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park?
11. This valley is famous for its wine.
12. A Rolex yacht race runs from Sydney to this city.

1. Atlantic City
2. London
3. Aleutians
4. The Jim Thompson House
5. Strait of Gibraltar
6. Amman
7. Galicia
8. Colorado
9. Strahan
10. Overland Track
11. Tamar Valley
12. Hobart

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