Explorations by Collette

This is the time to head off the well-known path and appreciate all the extraordinary moments found in the everyday. It’s time to wander, to wonder and to awaken your soul. It’s time to experience small group travel, reinvented.

Experience Beyond Expectation

These are the moments that make traveling meaningful.

Explorations gives travelers access to the world in a truly authentic way. On these active, immersive, small group journeys, travelers connect with the cultures of the world on a deeper, more meaningful level in ways that are hard to replicate. The intimate group size allows these journeys to be the most active, engaging, and rewarding experience possible.

It’s often said that experience is the best teacher, and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why travelers will find a variety of unique experiences included on Explorations. Some are active and even a little adventurous, some will reveal the heart of a culture and some have the power to change lives.

Guests will share the road, a few meals and a variety of special moments with a small, tight-knit group averaging about 15 people. They won’t be one of the crowd with Explorations, but instead will be an integral part of a cultural expedition.

Explorations does more than show travelers a new place. It shows clients how to feel it with every sense. We do this through unique and immersive experiences that take them beyond the surface. These experiences allow travelers to discover the heart of a destination—and feel it’s pulse.

Active and engaging, interpretive and enlightening, unforgettable and unique, Explorations travel experiences will help shape your clients' understanding of a destination, and shape their vision of the world.

Whether it’s hunting for truffles in southern France, a home-hosted meal in Morocco or an overnight in a glass igloo in northern Finland, clients can now connect to destinations in an entirely different way.


Arguably one of the best ways to take in the postcard-perfect vistas of Finland’s north country is by dogsled. Learn the commands, get acquainted with the dogs and hop on a sled for one unforgettable ride. These charming, high-energy pups are in their element as they dash through the snow, practically smiling as they guide clients through the unspoiled wilderness. Experience this on The Northern Lights of Finland.


Each evening, just after dusk, the holy Dashashwamedh Ghat on the banks of the River Ganges becomes bathed in a choreographed spectacle of fire, fragrant incense and rhythmic chants. Mingle with the locals as you witness this devotional ritual, as Hindu priests provide offerings to the Goddess Ganga. Experience this on Mysteries of India.

For more information, contact Collette at 800.611.3361 or visit Explorations.com.