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Tour operator G Adventures recently surveyed more than 780 U.S. travelers to gain insight into what is important to Americans when they travel again. The survey asked questions about why consumers want to travel again; what’s most important to them when they do; and how they will change their travel behaviors to have a more positive impact on the planet and a destination’s local people. 

Why It Matters
Respondents clearly indicate a desire for vacations that positively impact the destinations and communities they visit. An impressive 74% of those surveyed consider the most important factor in their upcoming travel choices to be that their money benefits local people, followed by ensuring that wildlife is protected in the destination they visit (48%). Other important factors for respondents include wanting to avoid over-touristed destinations (45%) and visiting more remote or less-visited areas when they travel again (63%). 

It’s apparent travelers want their vacations to be more meaningful after this forced hiatus from international travel.

What’s more, vacationers are looking to take more enriching trips when they return to travel. When asked why they want to travel again, the top answer was to immerse in a different culture (65%), with 61% indicating a desire to reconnect with the world, and 35% looking to connect with nature on their next international trip. 

Fast Facts
- The survey asked travelers for one “big small action” they could commit to taking to ensure they travel in a more positive way when international travel returns. Supporting local people and businesses was the top commitment (37%), closely followed by doing more research before booking a trip (34%). Another 17% of respondents committed to reducing plastic and/or bringing a reusable bottle when they travel. 

- Results are based on responses from G Adventures’ global consumer panel, which was surveyed in December 2020. 

What They’re Saying
“It’s apparent travelers want their vacations to be more meaningful after this forced hiatus from international travel,” said Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, in a press release. “They want their money to support local people in the destinations they go to, and the best way for people to show their support now is to make a commitment to travel, so these communities can benefit later.”

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