Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Vista Deck Plans

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Carnival Vista Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
1AInterior Upper/Lower Stateroom
4AInterior Stateroom
4BInterior Stateroom
4CInterior Stateroom
4DInterior Stateroom
4EInterior Stateroom
4FInterior Stateroom
4GInterior Stateroom
4HInterior Stateroom
4IInterior Stateroom
4JInterior with Picture Windows (obstructed views)
4SSpa Interior
4TSpa Interior
6AOcean View
6BOcean View
6LDeluxe Ocean View
6MDeluxe Ocean View
6SCloud 9 Spa Ocean View (obstructed views)
6TCloud 9 Spa Ocean View (obstructed views)
7CCove Balcony
8ABalcony Stateroom
8BBalcony Stateroom
8CBalcony Stateroom
8DBalcony Stateroom
8EBalcony Stateroom
8FBalcony Stateroom
8GBalcony Stateroom
8MAft-View Extended Balcony
8NAft-View Extended Balcony
8PCloud 9 Spa Balcony
8SCloud 9 Spa Balcony
8TCloud 9 Spa Balcony
9BPremium Balcony
9CPremium Vista Balcony
BLBalcony Guarantee
FAFamily Harbor Interior
FEFamily Harbor Ocean View
FJFamily Harbor Deluxe Ocean View
FMFamily Harbor Cove Balcony
FSFamily Harbor Family Suite
GSGrand Suite
HAHavana Interior
HEHavana Cabana
HIHavana Aft-View Extended Balcony
HLHavana Premium Balcony
HMHavana Premium Vista Balcony
HSHavana Cabana Suite
ISInside Guarantee
JSJunior Suite
OSOcean Suite
OVOcean View Guarantee
SSCloud 9 Spa Suite

Deck 1

Carnival Vista Deck 1

Deck 2

Carnival Vista Deck 2


Carnival Vista Lobby


Carnival Vista Mezzanine


Carnival Vista Promenade

Deck 6

Carnival Vista Deck 6

Deck 7

Carnival Vista Deck 7

Deck 8

Carnival Vista Deck 8

Deck 9

Carnival Vista Deck 9


Carnival Vista Lido

Deck 11

Carnival Vista Deck 11

Spa, WaterWorks & Sports

Carnival Vista Spa, WaterWorks & Sports


Carnival Vista Spa


Carnival Vista Serenity
OCG Class
Carnival Vista
Year Built2016
Year Last Refurbished-
Capacity3,934 passengers