114 Night World Cruise on the Costa Deliziosa

Itinerary for January 12, 2023 Departure

Day Date Location Port of Call Guide
1Thursday, 01/12/2023Depart from Marseilles (France)Marseille, France
2Friday, 01/13/2023Civitavecchia (Italy)Civitavecchia, Italy
3Saturday, 01/14/2023AT SEA 
4Sunday, 01/15/2023Katakolon / Olympia (Greece)Katakolon, Greece
5Monday, 01/16/2023AT SEA 
6Tuesday, 01/17/2023Limassol (Cyprus)Limassol, Cyprus
7Wednesday, 01/18/2023Haifa (Israel)Haifa, Israel
8Thursday, 01/19/2023AT SEA 
9Friday, 01/20/2023AT SEA 
10Saturday, 01/21/2023Aqaba (Jordan)Aqaba, Jordan
11Sunday, 01/22/2023AT SEA 
12Monday, 01/23/2023AT SEA 
13Tuesday, 01/24/2023AT SEA 
14Wednesday, 01/25/2023AT SEA 
15Thursday, 01/26/2023Salalah (Oman)Salalah, Oman
16Friday, 01/27/2023AT SEA 
17Saturday, 01/28/2023AT SEA 
18Sunday, 01/29/2023AT SEA 
19Monday, 01/30/2023Bombay/Mumbai (India)Mumbai, India
20Tuesday, 01/31/2023Bombay/Mumbai (India)Mumbai, India
21Wednesday, 02/01/2023Mormugao (India)Mormugao, India
22Thursday, 02/02/2023AT SEA 
23Friday, 02/03/2023AT SEA 
24Saturday, 02/04/2023Male (Maldives)Male, Maldives
25Sunday, 02/05/2023Male (Maldives)Male, Maldives
26Monday, 02/06/2023AT SEA 
27Tuesday, 02/07/2023AT SEA 
28Wednesday, 02/08/2023Victoria (Seychelles) 
29Thursday, 02/09/2023AT SEA 
30Friday, 02/10/2023AT SEA 
31Saturday, 02/11/2023Nosy Be (Madagascar)Nosy Be Island, Madagascar
32Sunday, 02/12/2023AT SEA 
33Monday, 02/13/2023Tamatave (Madagascar)Toamasina, Madagascar
34Tuesday, 02/14/2023St.Denis - Le Port (Réunion)St Denis, Reunion Island
35Wednesday, 02/15/2023Port Louis (Mauritius)Port Louis, Mauritius
36Thursday, 02/16/2023AT SEA 
37Friday, 02/17/2023AT SEA 
38Saturday, 02/18/2023AT SEA 
39Sunday, 02/19/2023Richards Bay (South Africa)Richards Bay, South Africa
40Monday, 02/20/2023Durban (South Africa)Durban, South Africa
41Tuesday, 02/21/2023AT SEA 
42Wednesday, 02/22/2023P. ELISABETHPort Elizabeth, South Africa
43Thursday, 02/23/2023AT SEA 
44Friday, 02/24/2023Cape Town (South Africa)Cape Town, South Africa
45Saturday, 02/25/2023Cape Town (South Africa)Cape Town, South Africa
46Sunday, 02/26/2023AT SEA 
47Monday, 02/27/2023AT SEA 
48Tuesday, 02/28/2023Walvis Bay (Namibia)Walvis Bay, Namibia
49Wednesday, 03/01/2023AT SEA 
50Thursday, 03/02/2023AT SEA 
51Friday, 03/03/2023St. Helena Jamestown (UK) 
52Saturday, 03/04/2023AT SEA 
53Sunday, 03/05/2023AT SEA 
54Monday, 03/06/2023AT SEA 
55Tuesday, 03/07/2023AT SEA 
56Wednesday, 03/08/2023Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
57Thursday, 03/09/2023Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
58Friday, 03/10/2023AT SEA 
59Saturday, 03/11/2023AT SEA 
60Sunday, 03/12/2023Buenos Aires (Argentina)Buenos Aires, Argentina
61Monday, 03/13/2023Buenos Aires (Argentina)Buenos Aires, Argentina
62Tuesday, 03/14/2023Montevideo (Uruguay)Montevideo, Uruguay
63Wednesday, 03/15/2023AT SEA 
64Thursday, 03/16/2023Puerto Madryn (Argentina)Puerto Madryn, Argentina
65Friday, 03/17/2023AT SEA 
66Saturday, 03/18/2023AT SEA 
67Sunday, 03/19/2023Ushuaia (Argentina)Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
68Monday, 03/20/2023Ushuaia (Argentina)Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
69Tuesday, 03/21/2023AT SEA 
70Wednesday, 03/22/2023Punta Arenas (Chile)Punta Arenas, Chile
71Thursday, 03/23/2023AT SEA 
72Friday, 03/24/2023AT SEA 
73Saturday, 03/25/2023Puerto Chacabuco (Chile)Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
74Sunday, 03/26/2023Puerto Montt (Chile)Puerto Montt, Chile
75Monday, 03/27/2023AT SEA 
76Tuesday, 03/28/2023San Antonio / Santiago de ChileSan Antonio, Chile
77Wednesday, 03/29/2023San Antonio / Santiago de ChileSan Antonio, Chile
78Thursday, 03/30/2023AT SEA 
79Friday, 03/31/2023AT SEA 
80Saturday, 04/01/2023Arica (Chile)Arica, Chile
81Sunday, 04/02/2023AT SEA 
82Monday, 04/03/2023Lima CallaoPhilipsburg, St Maarten, St Martin/St Maarten
83Tuesday, 04/04/2023AT SEA 
84Wednesday, 04/05/2023AT SEA 
85Thursday, 04/06/2023MANTA (ECUADOR)Manta, Ecuador
86Friday, 04/07/2023AT SEA 
87Saturday, 04/08/2023PANAMA CANAL 
87Saturday, 04/08/2023Cristobal (Panama) 
88Sunday, 04/09/2023Cristobal (Panama) 
89Monday, 04/10/2023Puerto Limon 
90Tuesday, 04/11/2023AT SEA 
91Wednesday, 04/12/2023Roatan (Honduras)Roatan, Roatan Island, Bay Islands, Honduras
92Thursday, 04/13/2023Cozumel (Mexico)Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
93Friday, 04/14/2023AT SEA 
94Saturday, 04/15/2023Port Everglades (Florida)Fort Lauderdale, FL
95Sunday, 04/16/2023Port Canaveral (Florida)Port Canaveral, FL
96Monday, 04/17/2023AT SEA 
97Tuesday, 04/18/2023AT SEA 
98Wednesday, 04/19/2023Newport (United States)Newport, RI
99Thursday, 04/20/2023New York (United States)New York, NY
100Friday, 04/21/2023New York (United States)New York, NY
101Saturday, 04/22/2023AT SEA 
102Sunday, 04/23/2023AT SEA 
103Monday, 04/24/2023Hamilton (Bermuda)Hamilton, Bermuda
104Tuesday, 04/25/2023AT SEA 
105Wednesday, 04/26/2023AT SEA 
106Thursday, 04/27/2023AT SEA 
107Friday, 04/28/2023AT SEA 
108Saturday, 04/29/2023PRAIA DA VITORIA 
109Sunday, 04/30/2023Ponta Delgada (Azores)Ponta Delgada (Madeira), Madeira Island, Madeira Islands, Portugal
110Monday, 05/01/2023AT SEA 
111Tuesday, 05/02/2023Lisbon (Portugal)Lisbon, Portugal
112Wednesday, 05/03/2023Lisbon (Portugal)Lisbon, Portugal
113Thursday, 05/04/2023Cadiz (Spain)Cadiz, Spain
114Friday, 05/05/2023AT SEA 
115Saturday, 05/06/2023Arrive at Marseilles (France)Marseille, France

Check Cruise Availability Total guests should not exceed 5 passengers.

Departing from Marseille, France
Departure Date 01/12/2023
OCG Class
Departing 01/12/2023
Interiorfrom $16,129
Oceanviewfrom $18,289
Balconyfrom $23,309