75 Night Southeast Asia Cruise on the Crystal Symphony

Itinerary for January 06, 2021 Departure

Day Date Location Port of Call Guide
1Wednesday, 01/06/2021Depart from Bangkok/Laem ChabangLaem Chabang, Thailand
2Thursday, 01/07/2021Koh Samui 
3Friday, 01/08/2021SihanoukvilleSihanoukville, Cambodia
4Saturday, 01/09/2021At Sea 
5Sunday, 01/10/2021Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
6Monday, 01/11/2021Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
7Tuesday, 01/12/2021Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
8Wednesday, 01/13/2021At Sea 
9Thursday, 01/14/2021SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
10Friday, 01/15/2021SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
11Saturday, 01/16/2021SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
12Sunday, 01/17/2021Port Kelang (for Kuala Lumpur)Port Kelang, Malaysia
13Monday, 01/18/2021Penang (Georgetown)Penang Island, Malaysia
14Tuesday, 01/19/2021PhuketPhuket City, Phuket Island, Thailand
15Wednesday, 01/20/2021At Sea 
16Thursday, 01/21/2021YangonYangon, Myanmar
17Friday, 01/22/2021YangonYangon, Myanmar
18Saturday, 01/23/2021YangonYangon, Myanmar
19Sunday, 01/24/2021At Sea 
20Monday, 01/25/2021LangkawiLangkawi, Malaysia
21Tuesday, 01/26/2021At Sea 
22Wednesday, 01/27/2021SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
23Thursday, 01/28/2021SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
24Friday, 01/29/2021At Sea 
25Saturday, 01/30/2021Koh Samui 
26Sunday, 01/31/2021Bangkok/Laem ChabangLaem Chabang, Thailand
27Monday, 02/01/2021Bangkok/Laem ChabangLaem Chabang, Thailand
28Tuesday, 02/02/2021SihanoukvilleSihanoukville, Cambodia
29Wednesday, 02/03/2021At Sea 
30Thursday, 02/04/2021Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
31Friday, 02/05/2021Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
32Saturday, 02/06/2021At Sea 
33Sunday, 02/07/2021Hanoi/Hongai 
34Monday, 02/08/2021Hanoi/Hongai 
35Tuesday, 02/09/2021At Sea 
36Wednesday, 02/10/2021Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong
37Thursday, 02/11/2021Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong
38Friday, 02/12/2021At Sea 
39Saturday, 02/13/2021ManilaManila, Luzon Island, Philippines
40Sunday, 02/14/2021BoracayBoracay Island, Philippines
41Monday, 02/15/2021Puerto Princesa 
42Tuesday, 02/16/2021Kota Kinabalu, SabahKota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
43Wednesday, 02/17/2021Bandar Seri BegawanBandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
44Thursday, 02/18/2021At Sea 
45Friday, 02/19/2021SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
46Saturday, 02/20/2021Port Kelang (for Kuala Lumpur)Port Kelang, Malaysia
47Sunday, 02/21/2021Penang (Georgetown)Penang Island, Malaysia
48Monday, 02/22/2021PhuketPhuket City, Phuket Island, Thailand
49Tuesday, 02/23/2021PhuketPhuket City, Phuket Island, Thailand
50Wednesday, 02/24/2021At Sea 
51Thursday, 02/25/2021At Sea 
52Friday, 02/26/2021ColomboColombo, Sri Lanka
53Saturday, 02/27/2021ColomboColombo, Sri Lanka
54Sunday, 02/28/2021At Sea 
55Monday, 03/01/2021MaleMale, Maldives
56Tuesday, 03/02/2021At Sea 
57Wednesday, 03/03/2021At Sea 
58Thursday, 03/04/2021MaheMahe, Seychelles
59Friday, 03/05/2021Praslin 
59Friday, 03/05/2021MaheMahe, Seychelles
60Saturday, 03/06/2021At Sea 
61Sunday, 03/07/2021At Sea 
62Monday, 03/08/2021MombasaMombasa, Kenya
63Tuesday, 03/09/2021MombasaMombasa, Kenya
64Wednesday, 03/10/2021ZanzibarZanzibar, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
65Thursday, 03/11/2021At Sea 
66Friday, 03/12/2021Mayotte 
67Saturday, 03/13/2021At Sea 
68Sunday, 03/14/2021At Sea 
69Monday, 03/15/2021MaputoMaputo, Mozambique
70Tuesday, 03/16/2021Richards BayRichards Bay, South Africa
71Wednesday, 03/17/2021DurbanDurban, South Africa
72Thursday, 03/18/2021At Sea 
73Friday, 03/19/2021Port ElizabethPort Elizabeth, South Africa
74Saturday, 03/20/2021Mossel Bay 
75Sunday, 03/21/2021Cape TownCape Town, South Africa
76Monday, 03/22/2021Arrive at Cape TownCape Town, South Africa
Departing from Laem Chabang, Thailand
Departure Date 01/06/2021
OCG Class
Departing 01/06/2021
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