31 Night South American Cruise on the Queen Victoria

Day Location Port of Call Guide
1Depart from SOUTHAMPTONSouthampton, England
2At Sea 
3At Sea 
4At Sea 
5At Sea 
6At Sea 
7At Sea 
8HAMILTON BERMUDAHamilton, Bermuda
9At Sea 
10At Sea 
11PORT CANAVERALPort Canaveral, FL
12FORT LAUDERDALEFort Lauderdale, FL
13At Sea 
14At Sea 
16At Sea 
17BARBADOSBridgetown, Barbados
18At Sea 
19At Sea 
21At Sea 
22MANAUSManaus, Brazil
23MANAUSManaus, Brazil
24SANTAREMSantarem, Brazil
26At Sea 
27At Sea 
28At Sea 
29SALVADORSalvador, Brazil
30At Sea 
31RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
32Arrive at RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
Departing from Southampton, England
OCG Class