79 Night World Cruise on the Amsterdam

Itinerary for January 04, 2021 Departure

Day Date Location Port of Call Guide
1Monday, 01/04/2021Depart from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Us Check In Starts At 0100pFort Lauderdale, FL
2Tuesday, 01/05/2021At Sea 
3Wednesday, 01/06/2021At Sea 
4Thursday, 01/07/2021At Sea 
5Friday, 01/08/2021Scarborough, Trinidad And TobagoScarborough, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago
6Saturday, 01/09/2021At Sea 
7Sunday, 01/10/2021Devils Island, French Guiana Tender Required Wheelchair Access LimitedDevil's Island, French Guiana
8Monday, 01/11/2021Cruising The Amazon River Cruising Only 
8Monday, 01/11/2021Crossing The Amazon River Bar, Braz Cruising Only 
9Tuesday, 01/12/2021Crossing The Equator Cruising Only 
9Tuesday, 01/12/2021Cruising The Amazon River Cruising Only 
9Tuesday, 01/12/2021Macapa, Brazil Service Call 
10Wednesday, 01/13/2021Alter Do Chao, Brazil Tender Required Wheelchair Access Limited 
11Thursday, 01/14/2021Boca Da Valeria, Brazil Tender Required Wheelchair Access Limited 
12Friday, 01/15/2021Manaus, Brazil Time Subject To Daylight HoursManaus, Brazil
13Saturday, 01/16/2021Parintins, Brazil Tender Required Wheelchair Access Limited 
14Sunday, 01/17/2021Santarem, BrazilSantarem, Brazil
15Monday, 01/18/2021Crossing The Amazon River Bar, Braz Cruising Only 
15Monday, 01/18/2021Crossing The Equator Cruising Only 
15Monday, 01/18/2021Cruising The Amazon River Cruising Only 
16Tuesday, 01/19/2021At Sea 
17Wednesday, 01/20/2021At Sea 
18Thursday, 01/21/2021Saint Georges, GrenadaSt George's, Grenada
19Friday, 01/22/2021At Sea 
20Saturday, 01/23/2021Oranjestad, ArubaAruba
21Sunday, 01/24/2021At Sea 
22Monday, 01/25/2021Cruising Panama Canal Cruising Only 
22Monday, 01/25/2021Enter Panama Canal Cristobal Cruising Only Transit Times Are Approximate 
22Monday, 01/25/2021Exit Panama Canal Balboa Cruising Only Transit Times Are Approximate 
23Tuesday, 01/26/2021At Sea 
24Wednesday, 01/27/2021Quepos, Costa Rica Tender Required Wheelchair Access Limited 
25Thursday, 01/28/2021At Sea 
26Friday, 01/29/2021At Sea 
27Saturday, 01/30/2021At Sea 
28Sunday, 01/31/2021Puerto Vallarta, MexicoPuerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
29Monday, 02/01/2021At Sea 
30Tuesday, 02/02/2021At Sea 
31Wednesday, 02/03/2021At Sea 
32Thursday, 02/04/2021At Sea 
33Friday, 02/05/2021At Sea 
34Saturday, 02/06/2021At Sea 
35Sunday, 02/07/2021Hilo, Hawaii, UsHilo, HI
36Monday, 02/08/2021Lahaina, Hawaii, Us Tender Required Wheelchair Access LimitedLahaina, HI
37Tuesday, 02/09/2021Honolulu, Hawaii, UsHonolulu, HI
38Wednesday, 02/10/2021At Sea 
39Thursday, 02/11/2021At Sea 
40Friday, 02/12/2021At Sea 
41Saturday, 02/13/2021Cross International Dateline Cruising Only 
42Sunday, 02/14/2021At Sea 
43Monday, 02/15/2021Majuro, Marshall IslandsMajuro, Marshall Islands
44Tuesday, 02/16/2021At Sea 
45Wednesday, 02/17/2021At Sea 
46Thursday, 02/18/2021Chuuk, MicronesiaChuuk, Micronesia
47Friday, 02/19/2021At Sea 
48Saturday, 02/20/2021Guam (us Territory), GuamGuam
49Sunday, 02/21/2021Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands 
50Monday, 02/22/2021At Sea 
51Tuesday, 02/23/2021At Sea 
52Wednesday, 02/24/2021At Sea 
53Thursday, 02/25/2021Ishigaki Island, Japan Tender Required Wheelchair Access Limited 
54Friday, 02/26/2021Naha, Japan 
55Saturday, 02/27/2021At Sea 
56Sunday, 02/28/2021At Sea 
57Monday, 03/01/2021Tokyo, Japan OvernightTokyo, Japan
58Tuesday, 03/02/2021Tokyo, JapanTokyo, Japan
59Wednesday, 03/03/2021Shimizu, Japan 
60Thursday, 03/04/2021Kobe, Japan OvernightKobe, Japan
61Friday, 03/05/2021Kobe, JapanKobe, Japan
62Saturday, 03/06/2021Scenic Cruising Kanmon Strait Cruising Only 
63Sunday, 03/07/2021Fukuoka (hakata), JapanFukuoka, Japan
64Monday, 03/08/2021At Sea 
65Tuesday, 03/09/2021Dalian, China Visa RequiredDalian, China
66Wednesday, 03/10/2021Xingang (beijing), China Overnight Time Subject To Transit Windowvisa RequiredXingang, China
67Thursday, 03/11/2021Xingang (beijing), China Time Subject To Transit Windowvisa RequiredXingang, China
68Friday, 03/12/2021At Sea 
69Saturday, 03/13/2021At Sea 
70Sunday, 03/14/2021Shanghai, China Overnight Times Subject To Tidal Cond Visa RequiredShanghai, China
71Monday, 03/15/2021Shanghai, China Times Subject To Tidal Cond Visa RequiredShanghai, China
72Tuesday, 03/16/2021At Sea 
73Wednesday, 03/17/2021At Sea 
74Thursday, 03/18/2021Hong Kong, China OvernightHong Kong, Hong Kong
75Friday, 03/19/2021Hong Kong, ChinaHong Kong, Hong Kong
76Saturday, 03/20/2021At Sea 
77Sunday, 03/21/2021Da Nang (hue), Vietnam Visa RequiredDa Nang, Vietnam
78Monday, 03/22/2021At Sea 
79Tuesday, 03/23/2021Phu My, Vietnam Visa Required 
80Wednesday, 03/24/2021At Sea 
81Thursday, 03/25/2021Arrive at SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
Departing from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Departure Date 01/04/2021
OCG Class
Departing 01/04/2021
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