MSC Cruises MSC Preziosa Deck Plans

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MSC Preziosa Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
04Ocean View
05Ocean View
06Balcony Cabin
07Balcony Cabin
08Balcony Cabin
09Superior Balcony Cabin
10Superior Balcony Cabin
11Superior Balcony Cabin
12Superior Balcony Cabin
13Aurea Suite
B1Balcony Stateroom (Some Accessible)
B1Balcony Stateroom - Bella Experience
B2Balcony Stateroom (Some Accessible)
B2Balcony Stateroom - Fantastica Experience
B3Balcony Stateroom
B3Balcony Stateroom - Aurea Experience
BWBalcony Wellness
FLASuperfamily Balcony
I1Interior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
I1Interior Stateroom - Bella Experience
I2Interior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
I2Interior Stateroom - Fantastica Experience
IWInside Wellness
O1Oceanview Stateroom (Some Accessible)
O1Oceanview Stateroom - Bella Experience
O2Oceanview Stateroom
O2Oceanview Stateroom - Fantastica Experience
OWOutside Wellness
S3Aurea Suite with Balcony - Aurea Experience
YC1Deluxe Suite
YC1Deluxe Suite (Some Accessible)
YC1Deluxe Suite - Yacht Club Experience
YC2Executive & Family Suite
YC2Executive & Family Suite
YC2Executive & Family Suite - Yacht Club Experience
YC3Royal Suite
YC3Royal Suite
YC3Royal Suite - Yacht Club Experience

Ambra Deck

MSC Preziosa Ambra Deck

Corallo Deck

MSC Preziosa Corallo Deck


MSC Preziosa Diamante

Rubino Deck

MSC Preziosa Rubino Deck

Onice Deck

MSC Preziosa Onice Deck

Agata Deck

MSC Preziosa Agata Deck

Tormalina Deck

MSC Preziosa Tormalina Deck

Giada Deck

MSC Preziosa Giada Deck

Opale Deck

MSC Preziosa Opale Deck

Ametista Deck

MSC Preziosa Ametista Deck

Smeraldo Deck

MSC Preziosa Smeraldo Deck

Cristallo Deck

MSC Preziosa Cristallo Deck

Acquamarina Deck

MSC Preziosa Acquamarina Deck

Topazio Deck

MSC Preziosa Topazio Deck
Departing from Hamburg, Germany
Departure Date 08/18/2019
OCG Class
Departing 08/18/2019
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