92 Night Oriental Cruise on the Viking Orion

Itinerary for February 24, 2019 Departure

Day Date Location Port of Call Guide
1Sunday, 02/24/2019Depart from AucklandAuckland, New Zealand
2Monday, 02/25/2019AucklandAuckland, New Zealand
3Tuesday, 02/26/2019Rotorua (Tauranga)Rotorua, New Zealand
4Wednesday, 02/27/2019NapierNapier, New Zealand
5Thursday, 02/28/2019WellingtonWellington, New Zealand
6Friday, 03/01/2019ChristchurchChristchurch, New Zealand
7Saturday, 03/02/2019DunedinDunedin, New Zealand
8Sunday, 03/03/2019AT SEA 
9Monday, 03/04/2019AT SEA 
10Tuesday, 03/05/2019Tasmania (Hobart)Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
11Wednesday, 03/06/2019AT SEA 
12Thursday, 03/07/2019MelbourneMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
13Friday, 03/08/2019AT SEA 
14Saturday, 03/09/2019SydneySydney, New South Wales, Australia
15Sunday, 03/10/2019SydneySydney, New South Wales, Australia
16Monday, 03/11/2019NewcastleNewcastle, New South Wales, Australia
17Tuesday, 03/12/2019AT SEA 
18Wednesday, 03/13/2019BrisbaneBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
19Thursday, 03/14/2019AT SEA 
20Friday, 03/15/2019Whitsunday Islands (Hamilton Island) 
21Saturday, 03/16/2019TownsvilleTownsville, Queensland, Australia
22Sunday, 03/17/2019CairnsCairns, Queensland, Australia
23Monday, 03/18/2019AT SEA 
24Tuesday, 03/19/2019Thursday Island 
25Wednesday, 03/20/2019AT SEA 
26Thursday, 03/21/2019DarwinDarwin, Northern Territory, Australia
27Friday, 03/22/2019DarwinDarwin, Northern Territory, Australia
28Saturday, 03/23/2019AT SEA 
29Sunday, 03/24/2019Komodo 
30Monday, 03/25/2019LombokLombok, Indonesia
31Tuesday, 03/26/2019Bali (Benoa)Benoa, Indonesia
32Wednesday, 03/27/2019Bali (Benoa)Benoa, Indonesia
33Thursday, 03/28/2019SurabayaSurabaya, Indonesia
34Friday, 03/29/2019SemarangSemarang, Indonesia
35Saturday, 03/30/2019JakartaJakarta, Indonesia
36Sunday, 03/31/2019JakartaJakarta, Indonesia
37Monday, 04/01/2019AT SEA 
38Tuesday, 04/02/2019SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
39Wednesday, 04/03/2019Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang)Port Kelang, Malaysia
40Thursday, 04/04/2019AT SEA 
41Friday, 04/05/2019AT SEA 
42Saturday, 04/06/2019Bangkok (Laem Chabang)Laem Chabang, Thailand
43Sunday, 04/07/2019Bangkok (Laem Chabang)Laem Chabang, Thailand
44Monday, 04/08/2019Bangkok (Laem Chabang)Laem Chabang, Thailand
45Tuesday, 04/09/2019SihanoukvilleSihanoukville, Cambodia
46Wednesday, 04/10/2019SihanoukvilleSihanoukville, Cambodia
47Thursday, 04/11/2019AT SEA 
48Friday, 04/12/2019Ho Chi Minh CityHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
49Saturday, 04/13/2019Ho Chi Minh CityHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
50Sunday, 04/14/2019Ho Chi Minh CityHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
51Monday, 04/15/2019AT SEA 
52Tuesday, 04/16/2019Hue (Chan May) 
53Wednesday, 04/17/2019Ha Long BayHalong Bay, Vietnam
54Thursday, 04/18/2019Ha Long BayHalong Bay, Vietnam
55Friday, 04/19/2019AT SEA 
56Saturday, 04/20/2019Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong
57Sunday, 04/21/2019Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong
58Monday, 04/22/2019Hong KongHong Kong, Hong Kong
59Tuesday, 04/23/2019AT SEA 
60Wednesday, 04/24/2019Taipei (Keelung)Keelung, Taiwan
61Thursday, 04/25/2019AT SEA 
62Friday, 04/26/2019Kagoshima 
63Saturday, 04/27/2019NagasakiNagasaki, Japan
64Sunday, 04/28/2019Busan 
65Monday, 04/29/2019HiroshimaHiroshima, Japan
66Tuesday, 04/30/2019HiroshimaHiroshima, Japan
67Wednesday, 05/01/2019OsakaOsaka, Japan
68Thursday, 05/02/2019Shimizu 
69Friday, 05/03/2019Shimizu 
70Saturday, 05/04/2019TokyoTokyo, Japan
71Sunday, 05/05/2019TokyoTokyo, Japan
72Monday, 05/06/2019TokyoTokyo, Japan
73Tuesday, 05/07/2019AT SEA 
74Wednesday, 05/08/2019Sapporo (Otaru)Sapporo, Japan
75Thursday, 05/09/2019Sapporo (Otaru)Sapporo, Japan
76Friday, 05/10/2019Korsakov 
77Saturday, 05/11/2019AT SEA 
78Sunday, 05/12/2019AT SEA 
79Monday, 05/13/2019Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky 
80Tuesday, 05/14/2019AT SEA 
81Wednesday, 05/15/2019AT SEA 
82Thursday, 05/16/2019Dutch Harbor 
83Friday, 05/17/2019AT SEA 
84Saturday, 05/18/2019KodiakKodiak, AK
85Sunday, 05/19/2019SewardSeward, AK
86Monday, 05/20/2019ValdezValdez, AK
87Tuesday, 05/21/2019Scenic Cruising: Yakutat Bay 
88Wednesday, 05/22/2019Icy Strait Point 
89Thursday, 05/23/2019SitkaSitka, AK
90Friday, 05/24/2019KetchikanKetchikan, AK
91Saturday, 05/25/2019Scenic Cruising: The Inside Passage 
92Sunday, 05/26/2019Arrive at VancouverVancouver, BC
Departing from Auckland, New Zealand
Departure Date 02/24/2019
OCG Class
Departing 02/24/2019
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