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In Niamey, there is a wide range of hotels, from a handful of first-rate establishments to a number of middle- and low-range hotels and hostels. For the traveler expecting a reasonable amount of comfort, it's best to seek out the upper-range hotels, some of which are better deals than others. The accommodations along the river usually offer beautiful panoramas and sunsets. The Peace Corps hostel near Boukoki market is the best deal in town, but you need someone to sign you in as a guest. The local campement (government rest house) costs more, but is still a good deal for the price. Outside of Niamey, the larger towns usually have at least one decent hotel with air-conditioning, and most have a campement (they vary in quality depending on the town). Prices are certainly less expensive than in Niamey, but in general, you get what you pay for.

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