MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately owned cruise line, with 16 ultra-modern ships sailing worldwide. Sail to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Dubai and more and experience culture, history, local cuisine and visit hidden gems throughout the world.

Family Travel Worldwide

As a family owned company, MSC Cruises understands the importance of showing your family the world, through cruising. By sailing with MSC Cruises, your family can enjoy an international vacation no matter where the ship sails to.

Family Activities and Entertainment

MSC Cruises offers a variety of activities and entertainment for families. From our Baby Club to our Teen Club, children get to interact with multiple nationalities, participate in dance classes, play in our sports arena and, of course, enjoy family-friendly Broadway-style shows.

Family Explorer Club

What better way to explore and sightsee than with your family? Our Family Explorer Club brings families together for an interactive experience, taking them on a guided tour that keeps the children entertained while providing an enriching and educational experience for adults.

Family Dining

Your family cruise will have a lasting impact on your children. Let your kids pick and choose how they want to dine, whether it’s our Fun Time Dinner, where kids can dine with the entertainment staff in the buffet, or our Happy Dinners, where kids can share a quick dinner with the family and then be escorted to the Miniclub to play, while the parents finish their dinner.