MSC Cruises MSC Orchestra Deck Plans

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MSC Orchestra Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
01Inside Cabin
02Inside Cabin
03Inside Cabin
04Outside Cabin
05Outside Cabin
06Outside Cabin with Balcony
07Outside Cabin with Balcony
08Outside Cabin with Balcony
09Outside Cabin with Balcony
10Outside Cabin with Balcony
11Outside Cabin with Balcony
12Suite with Balcony
B1Balcony Stateroom
B1Balcony Stateroom - Bella Experience
B2Balcony Stateroom (Some Accessible)
B2Balcony Stateroom - Fantastica Experience
B3Balcony Stateroom (Some Accessible)
B3Balcony Stateroom - Aurea Experience
BWBalcony Wellness
I1Interior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
I1Interior Stateroom - Bella Experience
I2Interior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
I2Interior Stateroom - Fantastica Experience
IWInside Wellness
O1Oceanview Stateroom
O1Oceanview Stateroom - Bella Experience
O2Oceanview Stateroom (Some Accessible)
O2Oceanview Stateroom - Fantastica Experience
OWOutside Wellness
S3Suite - Aurea Experience

Pianoforte Deck

MSC Orchestra Pianoforte Deck

Violino Deck

MSC Orchestra Violino Deck

Saxofono Deck

MSC Orchestra Saxofono Deck

Arpa Deck

MSC Orchestra Arpa Deck

Viola Deck

MSC Orchestra Viola Deck

Lira Deck

MSC Orchestra Lira Deck

Flauto Deck

MSC Orchestra Flauto Deck

Clarinetto Deck

MSC Orchestra Clarinetto Deck

Mandolino Deck

MSC Orchestra Mandolino Deck

Chitarra Deck

MSC Orchestra Chitarra Deck

Xilofono Deck

MSC Orchestra Xilofono Deck

Sports Deck

MSC Orchestra Sports Deck
OCG Class
MSC Orchestra
Year Built2007
Year Last Refurbished-
Capacity2,550 passengers